Mudmasky review

I received a 20ml sample of this face mask in a subscription box and even the style of the little tube makes it stand out. The name sounds fancy, it looks stylish and it’s a face mask in a handy squeeze tube!

The instructions are simple- wash your face and hands, apply a thin layer to your face, leave mask on for 7-11 minutes (dry skin 7, normal skin 9, oily skin 11) and lastly remove mask with cold water.

When I started to spread a thin layer on my face I noticed how easy this is to apply! It doesn’t end up getting messy like most face masks when they stick to your fingers, it’s not too thin or watery either it’s a nice inbetween. And something that I love about this product is that you don’t need much to cover your face I didn’t even use half of my sample! It gives off a slight tingling sensation which is fine and it did sting a bit where I had a few spots.

Once it started drying within a few minutes I noticed it’s probably one of the stiffest feeling masks iv tried, you can feel it harderning and tightening up on your face and ends up being very tight but a nice tight feeling not uncomfortable or anything. It makes me feel like it’s working or something if that makes sense?

The mask has bits of what looks like grass inside so it actually looks like you’ve been rolling in mud! Looking at the ingredients It has a few flower extracts inside so I’m guessing it’s that. I have included a pic of the ingredients list below.

So 11 minutes up and I’m dreading washing it off as iv found mud and clay masks to be messy to remove. And wow was I surprised! It Washes off really easily it doesn’t take scrubbing just rinses off with water and it doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue so no need to wash your face after removing.
Immediately upon rinsing off my skin felt very soft, light and looked brighter. My skin looked plump, if that makes sense, not in like a bad puffy up skin way it looked nice and healthy! I have greasy skin but this makes my skin feel a nice clean with a wonderful dryness feeling which is great 😊 It doesn’t overly dry or strip my skin which I often find with face cleansers or face masks.

Now to the Price, it’s £60 for a 60ml tube.   I didn’t realise how much this was at first so that makes me feel better about my subscription box that I got this in because that was totally worth it! Anyway baring in mind I used less that 10ml this doesn’t seem that bad to be honest. If I could afford it I would probably buy it without even looking at a cheaper option as it works perfectly!

Overall it is a great mask and I love it but unfortunately the high end price will knock it down to a 4/5 for me.


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