Lush Valentines Range review 2017

I want to start by saying I absolutely love the valentines range this year, they’ve given us a lovely selection of products and they all look and smell so good! I normally find I will buy more of the Christmas range as I love the cinnamon, winter spice and vanilla scents but I’m actually loving all the rose, orange and floral scents 🙂

Our local lush held a launch night for the valentines range and it was the evening before the range arrived in stores so we got a chance to check the products out early, watch some reviews and buy everything early which was fab! We got the place to ourselves for the last half hour or so and we got some great shots of everything ❤️

Below is our valentines haul 😊

The first item we picked up was the Lots of Love gift set at £39.95 and the main reason we grabbed this was for storage for our lush collection. The box is shaped like a heart and looks like a box of chocolates, its a beautiful looking box with nice designs all around and it’s quite deep (pic below shows lover lamp bath bomb inside and still space above) so holds quite a lot inside!

It includes 7 beautiful products shown below.

Toucan Love knot wrap £4.50

The toucan knot wrap is a soft cotton material, its a large wrap (holds 2 500g bottles easily) and looks really good even folded up as theres so much bright colour bursting through! I had a little play around with wrapping and using different knot methods so you can see what it looks like 😊

toucan 1.jpg

toucan 2.jpg

toucan 3.jpg

Roses knot wrap £3.75

This knot wrap is made out of a 500g bottle, its a lovely silky scarf-like material and its one of the smaller wraps but i could still use it as a headband 😊 its a beautiful looking wrap and again, i had a little play with wrapping methods so you can see what it looks like! When i tried the handle tie bag wrap, pictured below, i used a 500g bottle and it fit perfectly.

roses 1roses 2roses 3

Rose Bombshell bath bomb £4.25

This is the beautiful Rose Bombshell bath bomb smelling of sweet rose 🌹 the scent is very similar to the much loved Rose Jam but a very small difference, to me it is more Rose Jams little sister in the sense that it’s less sticky berry jam sweet and more soft floral. It is a beautiful looking bath bomb which turns the water a pretty pastel pink with a special addition of dried rose petals to create a romantic atmosphere 💖 this sits perfect in the valentines range and is a definite must buy 😊

Love You, Love You Lots soap £4.25 for 100g

Love you, love you lots soap has a lovely soft and sweet rose scent 🌹 it lathers up nicely and the soft scent lingers on your skin afterwards 💖 it’s a lovely subtle soft floral scent, perfect if you don’t want something too overpowering.

love you soap.jpg

Love Spell massage bar £5.95

With a massage bar you simply rub it on your skin and as it warms up it leaves a coating of butters and oils to use for a massage. Love spell is filled with cocoa buttery goodness, rose and carnation and it leaves a beautiful soft floral scent with a hint of lemon which adds that little bit of freshness 😊 It quickly melts into your skin leaving luxurious butters and oils to then massage into your skin and the smells lingers on you for a few hours afterwards.

love spell massage.jpg

Lover Lamp bath bomb £4.25

Lover lamp is a creamy cocoa butter and orange oil scent, it smells good enough to eat and is one of my favourites! It is very moisturising itself plus it includes 3 little red heart bath melts which slowly melt away and leave your water feeling luxuriously silky! Lover lamp isn’t much of a show, it turns the water a milky white, but it creates creamy soft water that gives your skin a comforting hug

Over And Over bath bomb £4.25

Over and over is half coated in cocoa butter to give it a rolling motion whilst in the water and is 1 of 3 bath bombs so far with the same half cocoa butter theme, the other two being Roller and Never Mind The Ballistics. Including lime and fennel (which i don’t really smell)  this one reminds me of an orangey/lemon sherbet sweet something similar to Refreshers. It is a very sweet smell and lasts for quite a while, i could still smell in in the bathroom and on my skin hours after running the bath! Once placed in the water over and over spirals and dances across the bath releasing yellow foamy colour, orange buttery oils and spews out bright vibrant pink from the centre. If you spin the bath bomb while is spewing out the pink it creates spirals of pink and yellow and your can make some good bath art running your finger across the pink running into the yellow! Theres nothing better than a bath bomb which makes beautiful bath art (check pics below) I love the ones that gush from the inside as it leaves a bath bomb outer shell which i think looks pretty cool 😊. It turns the water a bright orange colour reminding me of Fanta which took a lot in me not to drink!! Overall over and over is a beautiful bath bomb and i would definitely buy some more of these again




Unicorn Horn bubble bar  £4.25

I don’t really like lavender scented products so unfortunately as much as i love the look of this bubble bar, the smell is not really for me. It is very lavender scented not like twilight where it has a malty lavender scent, unicorn horn is straight up lavender! It also has neroli and ylang ylang listed in the ingredients but they are very much a back note and i can’t get over the lavender scent. It is a beautiful looking product, even chopped up ready to crumble in your bath it looks amazing and for that alone i can try to withstand the smell and learn to like it lol

Prince Charming shower cream £5.50 100g / £10.95 250g / £18.50 500g / £32.95 1kg

Another valentines favourite is the Prince Charming shower cream which has slightly changed in colour this year to a more vibrant pink and it is now self preserving 😊 with pomegranate juice, grapefruit oil, marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion this is a lovely creamy berry fruit scent and it smells exactly like the middle jelly part of the Fry’s Turkish Delight! If you pair this with something like Sonic Death Monkey shower gel it would smell insane 😍

Kiss Me Quick business wash card £2.00

So if you didn’t know the wash sheets are basically a travel friendly shower gel and this one can fit in your purse! It has the same scent as 29 high street shower gel, a sweet floral jasmine with a fresh lemony scent. Plus is has a beautiful glitterness to it! Comparing to the likes of a shower gel it does end up being more costly buying it in this format and it’s more of like a novelty item or possibly something to help decide whether to buy the shower gel? BUT it does look super cute, smells great and for a one off buy you can’t go wrong with £2. It lathers up quite well and if you wanted to spread it between 2-3 showers I would recommend ripping a piece off as once the whole thing gets wet it kinda goes soggy and hard to reuse.

kiss card.jpg

Lovestruck bubble bar £4.25

Firstly this is a great looking bubble bar i LOVE it 😍 it is quite literally that emoji haha. After hearing others first impressions of it smelling like plastic, i had concerns and wasn’t too excited to give this one a go. I kind of understand why some people don’t like it as it is a bit different, It has a lovely citrusy lemon scent to it with a herby garden like smell and the two together create a refreshing very natural smell! It contains lemon and geranium, which i gather is where the herb like scent comes from, and it is very different to what i am used to but i was pleasantly surprised by this and I’m actually really loving it! With bubble bars you generally can get 2-4 uses out of them and i decided to use half for this one and it created a nice mound of bubbles and left the water feeling silky soft.

Ladybird bubble bar £3.95

These are one of the cutest looking products lush do! And they smell gorgeous ❤️ the scent is a fruity floral with refreshing peppermint and oh my it is beautiful! This creates lovely frothy bubbles, leaves the water a lovely deep red colour and the smell lasts a decent time!

The Kiss lip scrub £5.75

Yum!! The kiss lip scrub smells and tastes like a sweet berry trifle, it has little hearts inside and is a beautiful pink colour. With lip scrubs you take a bit on your finger and scrub your lips to remove dead skin and buff them ready for your lipstick/lipgloss and then wipe off the excess sugar or lick your lips clean yum. You can quite literally scoop it in your mouth and eat it all (its tempting as it tastes so good) but for the price tag, I would recommend actually using it for its purpose as for nearly £6 thats an expensive treat to eat!

kiss lip scrubkiss scrub

Two Hearts Beating As One bath melt £3.95

This bath melt is slightly more pricer than the little ones you get in store but the two pieces come apart so can be used separately! So if you do it that way it works out the same. It slowly melts away in the bath and leaves the water a beautiful vibrant pink, the scent is a very fruity apricot and sweet floral jasmine and the smell lingers beautifully, lasting on your skin even after you’ve got out.



Cupid bath bomb £2.95

Cupid is a slightly smaller size bath bomb but having used it, it is certainly a bargain of a price! We noticed from the demo in store that it flips over straight away as it seems to be front heavy so when trying at home I held it up in the water to get some good photos. The scent is a lovely powdery rose smell and once it fizzes in the water the sweet fresh raspberry comes through and it smells divine ❤️ The bath bomb takes a while to completely fizz away, it leaves a powdery pink colour in the water and the scent lingers on your skin for a while after getting out the bath!



What have you bought so far from the valentines range? And what do you think of this years valentines range? I would love to hear your opinions 💖


6 thoughts on “Lush Valentines Range review 2017

    • learntolush says:

      I unfortunately didn’t experience any previous ranges apart from xmas from 2015/2016 and mainly bought kitchen or a few regular items. Im gutted i didn’t get the lots of love gift set from last year as have heard it was bigger than this years and i love that box! The only other thing I tried was ladybird but pretty sure that was mothers day last year? I’m curious to see what else they had the last couple years though


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