Lush Sticky Banana soap

Incase you didn’t know you can buy most of the Oxford Street exclusives on the kitchen part of the lush page now so I grabbed a few bits to try out 😊

Now I’m not normally one for soaps so I don’t tend to buy them from lush, I get on better with shower gels, soaps give me a dry squeaky feeling on my skin and I hate it! Even snowcake soap did it even though it felt moisturising when lathered as soon as I rinsed it off i still had the dried out feeling. It’s almost like the squeakiness of a balloon 🎈

So looking at the ingredients of fresh banana, soya milk and chunks of honeycomb and curious about a banana scented soap I gave it a shot 😊

First impressions it looks and smells sooo good!! 😍 it’s a lovely sweet banana and vanilla creamy smell, almost like the foam banana sweets but a more natural smelling banana.

I found that it takes a bit to get it lathered up and it made my skin feel nice, soft and moisturised surprisingly not the usual squeaky feeling I get so really loving this soap! The honeycomb pieces add a little exfoliation in so its gives you a nice scrub too 😊


Unfortunately the smell didn’t linger on my skin much, like I could detect it slightly but very faint! Which is a shame because it smells really yummy and even when lathering up you can smell it in the bathroom 😊

The price was Β£3.25 for 100g which is slightly cheaper than the usual soaps lush do. I do really like this soap, it’s moisturising and smells yummy just a shame it doesn’t stay on your skin so for that I would have to knock I down to a 4/5

Have you tried the sticky banana soap? I would love to hear what your thoughts are 😊


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