Lush Mother’s Day haul 2017

Mother’s Day range is here and I’m pretty excited! On this post I’m just going to go through what I bought, what I think about the range and the reviews will be up separately for each item 😊

So I went into my local lush store Friday 17th Feb when Mother’s Day launched and grabbed a few bits, haul pic below ✨

There’s some exciting new products out for Mother’s Day but I only bought a few things as I’m very aware of the Easter range fast approaching and how much that’s going to drain my bank 😫

Pink Custard shower jelly – £8.50 250g


This is one that I have been excited to try, it has a cool name, it’s a bright pink jelly 💖 and the ingredients listed are vanilla, tonka, neroli and lavender. Really hoping the lavender isn’t as prominent in this as it’s not a smell I particularly enjoy and that the sweetness of vanilla and tonka come through more 😍

Scrubee body butter – £6.95


Such a little cutie I had to buy him! Another one I have been excited to try, this shares its scent with Honey I washed the kids range and it’s a cute little bee! 🐝 need I say more?!
Baa bar bubble bar – £3.95

baa bar.jpg

A cute little sheep 😊 I had to grab one of these to try!  Every single one in the store had atleast one eye missing but one of the lovely lush colleagues grabbed me one from the back, his eye fell off on the way home but atleast it was still in the bag for me to pop back on haha apparently the heads fall off a lot too so I was very careful with him. I didn’t realise till I got home that it smells like Parma violets 😍

Mum bath bomb – £2.95

mum bath bomb.jpg

This one comes in 2 colours- pink and yellow. I grabbed a pink one and on first sniff it’s got a very sweet sherbat like scent 😊 I love the layers of colour in this one and looking forward to trying it out! Edit: my review for this is here
Your mother should know bubble bar – £5.95


This bubble bar is a lovely vibrant coloured flower and is a very zesty slight floral scent. It’s quite a big bubble bar I think you could get between 4-6 baths out of it, I’m eager to try this one out but also hesitant to have to chop it up and ruin the design haha. Edit: my review for this is here

Ups a Daisy bath bomb – £3.50

ups a daisy 2.jpg

ups a daisy 1.jpg

Another vibrant beautiful looking product, this one is yellow on one side and orange on the other and is quite a large bath bomb so I was surprised it was only £3.50. The idea with this one is, because it’s a slow fizzer, you are able to flip it over and get the colours and show from the other side. The bright zesty looking colours threw me off as the scent is a gentle floral, I can’t wait to see how this looks in the bath!

Edit: my review for this is bath bomb is here

A few items from the mothers day range i didn’t pick up were:

Yummy Mummy shower cream- I still have a 250g almost full bottle from last year and as much as i love this shower cream i didn’t need another one yet. The purple colour is more vibrant this year but smells just the same with tonka, orange, cocoa butter and geranium its a creamy, buttery and sweet orange scent which smells incredible!

Sunrise soap- I had a little smell of this soap and it smells so fruity and citrusy but as i could only get a few items i decided to leave it for now. The colour is a nice bright orange and I’m hoping to either grab a sample to review it or buy a chunk before the range is over.

Elsie The Giraffe reusable bubble bar- I was initially excited about this item as it does look cute and i like the reusable bubble bars as they as less messier to use and do last a few baths. But then i saw the price at £6.95 and comparing it to other reusable bubble bars i have tried in the past it is a lot smaller and in my opinion not worth the price tag. It smells fresh and citrusy and once i picked it up in store the pieces fell off the stick, which might be then hard to use as your meant to hold it under the tap.

Honey lip scrub- The reason i didn’t buy this item is because i already have 3 lip scrubs which came in gift sets and I don’t use them to justify buying another.

Im hoping to buy the Best Friends gift set as i want the box for Lush storage and i would love the Happy Mothers Day gift set as the knot wrap looks beautiful and giant! But a £70 gift set right before easter range is due to release I’m unfortunately going to have to pass and just admire it in store!

What do you think of the Mothers Day range and what are you hoping to buy/have bought?


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