Lush Mum bath bomb

The mum bath bomb is priced at £2.95 it’s quite a small bath bomb and it comes in Pink or Yellow. I chose the pink version but they both smell the same its just preference in colour which i think is quite a cool idea 🙂 they are a very sweet orange scent with a slight floral tone and remind me of Dib Dab sherbet!

I love the design of these, they have the layers of colours running though which make them stand out. They are very dusty and fragile so i carefully chose a nice looking one where you can still see the letters clearly 💖

mum bath bomb.jpg

mum side.jpg

Mum is quite a fast fizzer which was expected and its not much of a show or anything, you get a little bit of pink and yellow foam and it turns the water a murky dark pink. Then a little surprise paper message pops out from the middle saying thanks mum which i thought was a cute little addition 🙂

mum 1.jpg

mum 2.jpg

The scent comes through more fruity in the water and is still a very sweet scent which lingers in the bathroom and on your skin, its a yummy sweet orange and its very hard not to drink the water haha

Have you tried the Mum bath bomb yet? Let me know what you think ✨


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