Birchbox February 2017

Hey guys I recently subscribed to Birchbox and i wanted to share it with you 😊

So Birchbox is a monthly subscription box consisting of skincare and beauty items, now i don’t really wear much makeup and have basic knowledge in what I’m doing so i would love to start trying things out! Plus i need to start trying out different skincare products, stick to a skincare routine and sort my constant breakouts and oily skin out 😫

When i was on the Birchbox website there was a current offer on for the Feb boxes to recieve a free full size Spectrum Collections brush and Pop Beauty eyeshadow trio gift and then there was a code on the home page to enter for a free smith & cult lip lacquer so this swayed me towards Birchbox when deciding which monthly box to get! Once i completed my order it was time to choose which Papier design i wanted, pink or green and then I completed a beauty profile to ensure you only get items relevant to your skin type, hair type etc so aswel as it being a surprise box it’s also personalised to suit you!

Once my parcel came I was so excited to open it up and see what surprises are inside! The boxes are really cool and seem quite sturdy, I didn’t realise they are like a pull out drawer so you can reuse them and stack them up on your make up desk!



The items inside:

•Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer in The Warning – this looks too red for me as I tend to stick to the pastel pinks but I will try it out and see what I think! Review to follow 👀

•Spectrum Collections Marbleous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush – I don’t wear much eyeshadow unless I’m going out somewhere but I’m excited to try it out and the bristles feel so soft and fluffy! This brush is described as being perfect for blending, smudging and defining your eye make up 😊 Review to follow 👀

•POP Beauty Bright Up Your Lifestyle Trio in Chapagne Mocha – So these are designed for creating a smokey eye look which I have a palette for and will be nice to try something new and see the differences! Or you could even just use one of the shades to create a natural look. I love the colours in this one and I think it will look nice with my brown eyes. Review to follow 👀

•Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray – I have never heard of this brand and I’m excited to try it as I love trying new things! So the first thing I noticed was the massive 1+ on the bottle and I checked on the back to discover they use numbers to rate the amount of control their products give and the higher the number, the greater the control! So this is a light support product and manageable for any hair type 😊 so this is a conditoning dentangler which adds shine to the hair without weighing it down, it’s also described to help reduce frizz and flyaways. This sounds like a great morning routine spray so I’m eager to try it out! Review to follow 👀

•Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask – so this is a Korea made product and the mask has been created to help you recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life that causes your skin to feel greasy, dry and tired and it sounds perfect! Let’s hope it lives up to the test 😊 Review to follow 👀

•Doux Me Pure Pring Mist – the packaging on this looks cute and at first I thought it was a body spray but it’s a mist spray! You use it to refresh and rejuvenate skin by simply spraying on your face and wiping with a cotton pad or you can use it as a setting spray to create a dewy make up look. Iv never tried a setting spray so I’m curious about this one! Review to follow 👀


I think there’s a nice variety of products in this box and Im looking forward to my next months box already!

Have you tried Birchbox before? Let me know what you thought of it



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