Lush Ups A Daisy bath bomb

Ups A Daisy is a bath bomb from the Mothers Day range and is priced at £3.50.

Its a beautiful looking flower with yellow on one side and orange on the other and it’s quite a big bath bomb. The scent is a soft rose floral (not rose jam) like the love you love you lots soap from the valentines range. So the idea with this one is that, because it’s such a slow fizzer, you are able to flip it over and get the colours and show from the other side which is a brilliant idea and great for photos 😊

Once in the bath it immediately starts fizzing and pouring out bright colours, the cog style of the flower gives a nice stream of colour and is great for creating bath art! I flipped it over a few times and it took a while to fizz away. The smell is a lovely delicate rose but lingers for a while and creates a beautiful aroma in the bathroom 🌹

After a few minutes watching it spiral and pour out tons of beautiful yellow, orange and bubbles we started to crush the bath bomb. It’s a hard one to crush so we snapped it in half to discover the secret rainbow inside 🌈 it’s such a beautiful vibrant coloured bath bomb and could easily be halved or even split into 4 it creates so much colour!

Overall I think this is a bargain price at £3.50 as it’s quite a large bath bomb, it’s lasts for ages and it can easily be spread between a few baths 😊 definitely recommend you grab one of these before the sell out! They normally stop making the Mother’s Day range items a couple days before Mother’s Day (28th March) and they will be available until they sell out. I rate this item 5/5

If you would like to check out the demo video of this bath bomb it’s up on our YouTube channel here

Have you tried this bath bomb yet or are you planning to grab one? Let me know in the comments 💖


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