Lush Your Mother Should Know bubble bar

This bubble bar is such a stunning looking product! It’s got a vibrant hippie vibe to it and the name is a little nod towards The Beatles 🌸

your mother 1.jpg

It’s a product out of the Mothers Day 2017 range and is priced at £5.95. About the same size as the bright side bubble bar so you should get 4 or 5 baths out of it 😊

your mother.jpg

It’s a very fresh scent with a hint of sharp zestiness and slight floral. The ingredients include Grapefruit, neroli, rosewood and orange flower.

I usually chop up my bubble bars and put the pieces in a tea strainer to then hold under the tap and this creates a nice amount of bubbles but you could crumble the whole bar or a piece under the running water or even just hold a piece under the water. It’s personal preference and also depends of whether you have soft or hard water.


The zestiness of the grapefruit comes through in the water and creates lovely soft water.

I absolutely love this bubble bar and it’s a decent price! The Mother’s Day range will stop being made just before Mother’s Day (26th march) and will be in stores until sold out, I would recommend you grab one 😊

If you would like to see a video demo of this click here

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed, please let me know your thoughts on this bubble bar below ✨


3 thoughts on “Lush Your Mother Should Know bubble bar

    • learntolush says:

      Fingers crossed for you! I’m sure the range was the same for Valentine’s Day wasn’t it? Just the gift sets contained different items. They are full of really colourful items 😊


    • learntolush says:

      fingers crossed for you! That must be annoying seeing everything and waiting that long. They are nice and colourful for mothers day 😍. At least you get the easter range though 😊


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