Quick Fix Facials Anti-Blemish mud mask

So I was browsing in Boots for a new face mask to try and the range from Quick Fix Facials caught my eye! They stand out in bright packaging and big writing, which is simple to read and figure out what skin type they are for! I scanned across the range to find one for my skin type- oily and spot prone, this was priced at £5.29 which seemed high at first but when I was contemplating the price I saw the x10 Facials on the tube and thought well if I can get 10 uses then that’s not too bad!

Time to use this face mask, a quick check of the directions tells me to “smooth a generous layer onto clean skin and leave for 10 minutes whilst the magic gets to work.” The mask has a cooling feeling when applying and is more of a face cream consistency which isn’t what I was expecting but surprisingly it didn’t drip and was quite easy to apply.

It smells so nice! A very fruity berry scent 😍

The product cleans off your fingers quite easily and doesn’t create a mess! It’s also a nice quick drying one so you can feel it getting to work right away 😊 it gives you that nice stiff face pulling feel which I love it, makes me feel like it’s actually doing something haha

It contains green clay and kaolin which help cleanse the skin and draw out impurities, willow bark which helps clear out pores and blueberries which are packed full of antioxidants to help revitalise your skin 😊

10 minutes passed and it’s time to wash it off, this is the part that I always dread with face masks as they can sometimes get messy and hard to remove! This one is so easy to clean off, once you start running your face with water it comes away straight away and melts into a cream which felt so refreshing to wash with! My face was feeling Moisturised at the same time which is great and the smell of blueberries hit me once again as it was washing away 😍

After patting my face dry it feels so soft and noticeably brighter! The only issue that I found after was that my face felt dry in places but I just used applied moisturiser after 😊 I didn’t use much from the tube so maybe it will last for 10 uses, I didn’t believe it would spread that much before I used it as the tube is quite small. It suggests to use weekly or twice weekly for greasy skin, I will definitely be using this regularly and hopefully it will help clear my skin 😊

Have you tried a product from the Quick Fix Facials range, what did you think? I hope this review helps in some way, feel free to comment below


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