Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask

I got this face mask in my Birchbox subscription box and read that it’s made in Korea, so was quite intrigued to try it as I have read good things about Korean skincare and have yet to try anything.

So this is a sheet mask, which from my experience I have found them to be messy and quite tricky to use. This was a little easier to get on and line up, although it could do with bigger eye holes as it sits right on my bottom eye lid and is quite uncomfortable to sit and endure. I also found this one dripped everywhere when putting it on and there is even excess liquid inside the packet so unsure whether I have lost half of the serum that’s meant to be on my face or if they just include a lot more than necessary. Once you flatten it out on your face you leave it for 25 minutes, then remove the mask and rinse your face with warm water.

Another thing is that it seems to unstick and you have to keep sticking it back on your face, the chin and nose part kept coming away which was slightly annoying, so I think it needs more slits in it to get round the curves of your face and be more mouldable.

It has a nice fresh berry scent and doesn’t seem to dry so you don’t get that hard stiff mask feel, so for anyone that doesn’t like that feeling this would be perfect.

After 25 minutes I took off the face mask and noticed it felt near enough dry and my skin didn’t feel like it really had anything on it so the serum had absorbed fully into my skin. A quick rinse with warm water and patted my face dry to have a look and feel of the effects. My skin does feel more plump, softer and hydrated and even though I have oily skin my face didn’t feel like it had any excess on it, which is the effects I was dreading from the serums. So yes it does what it says, hydrates your skin and I think I will grab some more to try using it weekly or something 😊.

These masks are great for destressing and reviving your skin and especially good to use after any air travel where your skin is exposed to dry and recirculated air, before a social event to help counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol and to refresh your skin after any sleepless or tiring periods. I think these would be great for new mums to use or students taking exams 😊.

Have you tried this face mask or even any Korean skincare you would recommend? I am looking in to trying some products ✨


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