Pink Parcel March 2017

Another Pink Parcel box has arrived, yay! 😊 As I tear open my box excitedly, alongside my usual monthly supply, this is what I’m greeted with.

pink parcel 3.jpg

As always, I will go through the items briefly and then add links to the reviews after.

Lapel Yeah ‘Happy Everything’ pin £5 – Its a cute girly pin to brighten your day, I’m not sure where I will put it though as I don’t normally buy or wear pins.

lapel yeah.jpg

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in Naughty Nude £6.99 – Im not really a lipstick wearer but I’m trying to up my beauty game and have been giving them a go and making an effort so I’m excited to try it.

rimmel lipstick.jpg

Boozi Body Care body wash, Cheeky Woo Woo (50ml) £5.95 for 250ml – So this is a Woo Woo cocktail scented shower gel and I’m very much intrigued to try it!

woo woo.jpg

Beauty Paper Green Tea blotting paper £7.99 – great for combatting oily breaks so these will be interesting to try!

blotting paper.jpg

Dove pure care dry oil shampoo (50ml) £2.99 for 250ml – great for getting glossy shiny locks ready for spring, a non greasy shampoo to cleanse dull and dry hair leaving it feeling up to 5x silkier. This sounds amazing and I hope it lives up to its expectations.


MAZA chocolate – so we get chocolate in every box and this months pick is free from any sugars or artificial sweeteners so you can still get your chocolate fix without feeling guilty about it!


London Coffee Bag £5.99 for pack of 10 – I love the look of this product, the bag looks snazzy and it’s just like a teabag but filled with coffee! How cool is that? I have never seen anything like this and I’m excited to try it.

coffee bag.jpg

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments ✨


2 thoughts on “Pink Parcel March 2017

  1. learntolush says:

    Thankyou 😊 I didn’t like the choc at all far too rich and the pin isn’t something I will use but I appreciate the value of it so still feel this is the best valued box around. We got a nice varied selection of products just a shame you can’t write down certain scents you don’t like as not keen on lavender 😕 the coffee bag was pretty good and the shower gel is nice. I quite liked this months from the variation and chance to try new brands, look forward to next months 😊 💖


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