Paperchase Quirky Llama collection Spring 2017

So I had a look around Paperchase and they have recently launched a new collection called No Prob-Llama and I love it so much I wanted to write a post about it! It’s a quirky and colourful range of products sporting pom poms and tassels, plus the main colour in the collection is a beautiful mint green (my favourite colour 😍). 

So the first item that caught my eye was this little glass trinket dish at £5.00. It’s a perfect size for keys, jewellery or any bits and bobs and has raised edges to keep everything in. 

I unfortunately don’t have a price for the stationary sets (pictured below) as I didn’t write any prices down and assumed I would find them all online, for some reason they don’t have the full collection online.

The water bottles pictured next to them are £7, they are made from BPA safe plastic, double walled and are 550ml. 

Straw cup (pictured in the middle of pic below) £6. This is a BPA safe plastic, with double walls to keep drinks cooler for longer. It has a snow globe effect where between the layers there’s glitter and coloured circles floating over the llama design. The lid is a screw lid to prevent spills and the cup holds 300ml 😊. 

Insulated cup (picured on the right and left of the straw cup below) £7. An insulated cup to enjoy your hot drinks on the go, with a fun llama design in a beautiful mint green l. I’m in love with it! It features a sliding sip lid so you can enjoy your drink without having to remove the lid and holds 350ml. 

Tin serving tray £15. This would be great for tea and biscuits, storing trinkets or even using to hold plants. I love the design, it has raised edges which makes it handy to keep items secure and it’s a pretty decent size at 30cm across. 

Porcelain Teapot £18. I was pretty certain I got a picture of this (you can see it in the first pic to get an idea of the size) but I just love this so much! It’s a beautiful mint green and I love the little llama feature on the lid 😊. It’s a handwash only item, which sometimes puts people off buying something they can’t put in the dishwasher, but I think it’s worth the trouble having to wash it separately!

Shopper bag £12. This is printed on one side and I love the pom poms on it! It has extra secure stitching on the handle to carry a heavy load. It’s a pretty decent size at 42cm x 40cm, so would be big enough to hold an A3 book. 

Book bag £5.75. This one is also print d on one side and has extra secure stitching on the handles to make it both practical and cute. This is an ideal book bag for A5 size or would make a great shopper bag for kids 😊. 

Pouch £8.50. This is a cotton canvas bag ideal for storing cosmetics, stationary or travel essentials. I love the mint green zip and as it’s a sturdy cotton material it would be alright to throw in the wash if needed. 24cm x 18cm makes it a decent size too! 

Wash bag £14. This is a PVC plastic bag so perfect for using as a make up or toiletries bag as it would wipe clean easily and is quite sturdy. I love the bright bold pattern and think it will be a nice touch to your bathroom or make up desk 😊. 

Pencil case. Unfortunately I didn’t get a price for this item and I, again, assumed it would be online but it’s not. I love that throughout the collection they sport the same colours, pop poms and they’re all llamas but there’s a nice differ between some items. This pencil case for instance, stands out in the whole collection, it’s a bright pink and purple and has a nice cartoony vibe about it. 

This isn’t even half of the collection! They also offer notebooks, sticky notes, umbrellas, scrapbooks, planners, phone cases, pen holders, clipboards, coin purses, gift bags, pens, keyrings and more! Seriously, if you have a Paperchase nearby, check the collection out and buy everything! 😂 

Thanks for reading I really hope you enjoyed, again this is just something I saw in store and wanted to share with you! I have no connection with Paperchase. Let me know what you think in the comments ✨


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