Lush Scrubee body butter

So this item is a body butter and scrub in one and it’s shaped as a cute little bee, how could you not buy it 🐝. It is priced at £6.95.

scrubee 2

Scrubee came out for Mother’s Day so will stop being made just before Sunday the 26th March and will be sold instores until it is sold out. It shares it scent with the Honey I Washed The Kids range so has the sweet vanilla, toffee and honey smell and is so close to being edible! I prefer the scent in this format as it comes through more of a white chocolate scent in scrubee and in the shower gel form I found it too sickly and yoghurt-ey smelling.

bee ladybird


With this product you simply rub it over wet skin to moisturise your body and exfoliate at the same time. It does take a few times to rub over and get the layer of butters off to get to the scrub part, but after that I used the black and yellow side to scrub my skin and then turned it over to the all yellow side (under scrubees’ belly lol) to soften my skin and rub in the oils and butters.

It’s the perfect size and shape to get a good grip of and fits perfectly in your hand, it doesn’t get too oily or slippery where your dropping it. It is very similar to the feel of a massage bar, where it has a slight grip and pull against your skin. The black beaded parts are made up of ground almonds and coconut shells give a really nice scrub and was harder than I expected it to be. Not a horrible rough feeling its just the right amount of coarse but it surprised me as i expected it to be really soft with how buttery the whole thing is. It leaves a lovely silky layer on your body, which lasts for a while after you’ve got out of the shower and isn’t too oily. The smell lingers beautifully on your skin, I can’t wait to use scrubee again, it’s that good 😊.

If you would like to see my demo of this product you can check it out here.

Have you tried Scrubee yet? If so, what did you think?


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