Lush Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask

Hey guys, so I have lots of products on my waiting list to review and I feel like I need to get some regular line on here rather than Mother’s Day and Easter so today I will be reviewing the Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask. So this is £6.95 for 150g which is cheaper than the other face masks available and double the size! This one isn’t listed as a Fresh face mask though so unsure whether that’s why. It is also the only one that is listed as a face and body mask, although I’m sure you can use the others on your body if you wanted to.

I have been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about this product for a long time because, as much as I love coffee, I don’t particularly like the coffee bean smell and half expected it to be too strong and sickly. I’m so glad I grabbed one though as it smells incredible! It is a very strong, fresh cup of coffee smell and has a nice sweetness to it.

Application– The directions state to smooth a generous layer onto your face or body and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off, massaging the scrubbing coffee grounds away. It has a nice thick texture which is good to get a generous helping, it’s not too messy to apply and when I started to get a build up on my fingers I used the side of the tub to scrape it off and put back in. This product contains agave syrup, which is where the sweetness smell comes from, and the only slight downside to the product is the syrup does make the tub a bit messy. Every time I’ve opened and closed it I got a sticky residue on my fingers and on the container but it’s not something that can’t easily be fixed by wiping off with tissue, it’s not so sticky where you need to wash the tub or anything. Just a slight downside and it doesn’t affect the face mask at all, there’s no stickiness feeling on your face afterwards.

Washing it off – When you start rinsing it off and massaging it in, it gives you a really good scrub and I noticed how smooth and soft my face felt after I patted it dry. Even though it has a good scrub to it, it didn’t dry my skin out and left it feeling hydrated and a fresh clean feeling. I can still smell that lovely sweet coffee scent on my face 😍. What I would say is, when washing it off I did notice how you get a more coffee ground smell and is quite strong so if that’s a smell you can’t stand then maybe it’s not for you. I don’t particularly like the smell but I can withstand it.


Overall– I would definitely buy it again and next time I think I will use it in the shower instead. It is a bit too messy to wash off over the sink and the coffee grounds get in your hairline so would be easier to shower it off, plus I want to try it on my body next time 😊. I would rate this product 5/5 ✨ Have you tried the Cup O’ Coffee mask yet? If so, what did you think?


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