Soap N Skin Himalayan Crystal bath salts

Hey guys this is an item I received in my Pink Parcel February box and even with all the lush bath products I have, I haven’t actually tried bath salts so I was eager to try this!

I haven’t heard of or seen Soap N Skin before so I had a little nosey on their website and they have a lovely range of products. Their company is all about affordable luxury whilst still being natural and handmade and I love that they are a company against animal testing 👍🏻.

First off, as I have mentioned before, lavender is a scent that I didn’t like for a long time and recently its been growing on me. This product gave lavender a new light for me, lavender and lime is such a weird but wonderful scent together and I’m really loving it, the zestiness of the lime gives lavender a lovely punchy edge 👌🏻.


These bath salts have rose buds with them which adds a nice luxury feel to it but if your someone who doesn’t like floating bits in their water they’re not too hard to pick out.

On the directions it says to use a small spoon amount so I guessed how much, as seen in the pic below, as I didn’t have a spoon close by. I nearly threw more in as I wasn’t convinced that would be enough but as soon as it mixed in to the water, which only took a couple of minutes, I could smell it really strongly and I’m glad I didn’t waste any more as it’s plenty 😊.

I used these at nearly 2am after I had finished work and was feeling generally crappy and stressed and it was exactly what I needed to unwind and get ready for bed! I used the bath salts by themselves, without any bath bombs or bubbles, as I wanted to get the full experience from them. I came out feeling soothed and relaxed, I don’t know if it was the hot bath or the bath salts or even the uplifting scent but I can’t wait to use these again 😊. The rosebuds are a nice touch to your bath and adds a little luxury feel, I don’t think they get too much in the way and aren’t messy to clear up either.

I am hoping to put an order in soon as I really want to try some more of their products, especially the neroli and Patchouli range as that sounds perfect! Every product looks beautifully made and sounds amazing, check them out at SoapNSkin.


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