Lush Pink Custard shower jelly 

Pink custard shower jelly came out for Mother’s Day and stopped being made just before Mother’s Day and will now be sold in stores and online until sold out. It is priced at £4.25 for 100g and £8.50 for 240g.

The colour of this jelly is a beautiful bright solid pink and it has hints of lustre running through it which I love!

pink custard.jpg

I was really excited to try this one after seeing the ingredients of vanilla absolute, golden syrup and tonka absolute and hoping that the added lavender wouldn’t overpower everything. Upon first sniff I could only pick up lavender and a slight hint of the vanilla, I was a little disappointed but adamant to try it anyway and see what it’s like in the shower.

IMG_1008.JPGOnce you start lathering this up in the shower the scent comes through more how you would expect and I was so pleased, it is a sweet sticky vanilla creamy scent and has the slightest hint of lavender which I am so happy about! I was really hoping with the tonka, golden syrup and vanilla that it would overrule the lavender smell and it worked perfectly. It is more of a softer subtle scent, where you can’t detect it on your skin much after the shower which is a shame. It is a lovely moisturising wash though and lathers up quite well, which I find with all the shower jellies, but this one has more of a creamy lather.

Overall I really like this scent and would love to see another product in the same family. I wouldn’t complain if they took the lavender out completely, but as I have said before it’s a scent that I’m getting used to and it’s a lot more tolerable in the product.

Have you tried pink custard yet? If so, what did you think of it?


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