Lush New Shampoo bar 

Hey guys, so I have been using this shampoo bar for a few months now on and off and I wanted to write up a review on it. This is the first shampoo bar I have used and I’m so surprised with how little you need and how long it’s lasted! Next time I grab one I’m definitely going to write a tally up so I can see just how many uses I can get out of one bar.

When I bought it, it had a cinnamon stick on top but they have since changed the design to have a wooden stick with the words “Be Cruelty Free” on top instead. It still has the same scent with the main ingredients being Nettle and Peppermint infusion, Rosemary absolute, Clove bud oil and Cinnamon leaf oil.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.13.24

To use a shampoo bar you either rub the bar directly on your hair or you can create a lather between your hands like a bar of soap and use the lather to wash your hair with. It doesn’t take much to build a lather up and you don’t need much lather to wash your hair fully. It creates a nice foamy sud, spreads easily in your hair and works just like a regular shampoo which surprised me looking at the little bar how much it can do! I really like the scent of this shampoo, it’s a lovely warming cinnamon smell and leaves a slight hint in your hair. It leaves my hair feeling really clean and my scalp clear of build up.

The only thing about these is that they can be tricky to store just like soaps, I left mine at the side of the bath after using and it stuck to the side and left a layer behind which made me lose some product. Lush do sell metal tins to store them inside but surely the same thing would happen… I need to find a way to dry them first before storing, I might buy one of those soap drying racks for the shower.
Overall I really like this shampoo bar and it’s exceeded my expectations as I didn’t expect it to clean so well and to last as long as it has! I would definately buy again and would love to try some of the other scents Lush offer.


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