Kneipp mineral bath salt lavender 

Hey guys this is only my second time using bath salts so I don’t really know what to expect, other than my experience from using the Soap N Skin bath salts. Again, I haven’t used any other bath products to ensure I get the full experience of the bath salts (it’s so weird having a bath without a bath bomb now!) I got this sample from my Pink Parcel March box and was a bit gutted to see I got lavender when there was Eucalyptus available, which I would love to try!

A quick read of the instructions and it says to use the whole packet (60g) which seems like a lot comparing to my other time using bath salts as it suggested a teaspoon, which was a nice amount. So I tipped the bath salts into a plastic tub I had close by so I can see what they look like, half expected some lavender sprigs or something inside but it’s just salts with essential oils.

So I ran a nice hot bath and chucked the lot in and watched it slowly dissolve, which took a few minutes. I noticed how it left a film of foam which I didn’t get with the Soap N Skin ones, so I’m not sure if it’s normal or not. It certainly looks better than just clear water. It unfortunately dissapears after you’ve got in the bath 😕.

The smell in the bag is very strong lavender with a slight hint of herby/mint but once in the water the scent is not as strong, considering how much you use I was a bit disappointed.

I didn’t really get any benefits from the bath salts I’m not sure. It made me feel relaxed and ready for bed but I don’t know if that was the bath salts or just the fact that it was a relaxing hot bath, after work and at 2am.

Do you use bath salts of any brand? Please let me know your experiences and what you think of them in the comments ✨


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