Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser 

I wanted to write a review about a product that I have been using for about a year and it’s one of my favourite skincare products. I just love this product!

I use is on days where my skin feels particularly groggy or clogged up and it is perfect for my oily and spot prone skin. I bought it from Boots a while ago and you really don’t need much to wash your face with, I pump a small 10p size amount on my fingertips and massage into my wet face and it works into a lather. It has a slight gel feel to it but still lathers up well. It also has a really tingly minty feeling on your skin and I wouldn’t recommend getting it close to your eyes (think strong minty toothpaste) I concentrate on my chin and neck and work a little bit up into my temples and forehead. I then pump another tiny bit to massage into my cheeks and nose. I leave it on for a few minutes on my face to work in before rinsing off.

It really helps to clear out any impurities and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clear but not too drying. It leaves a very cold tingly feeling but it doesn’t last long and your face feels so much softer and clearer immediately. I really like the pump on the bottle as it makes it a lot easier to use and you can easily pump out as little as you need without spilling and wasting any product. I would definitely recommend, especially if you have the same skin problems as I do and I will definitely be buying again!

Product rating – 5/5

Price – £5.19


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