Pink Parcel April review

Hey guys I’m bringing you another pink parcel review and this month was all about Easter and obsessing over chocolate 🍫


Your Tea ‘Sleep Tea’ £16 for 40 teabags 

So we always get a tea bag and this month they have chosen a super calming tea to soothe your mind before bed. With natural ingredients of liquorice root, rose and lavender this promises to alleviate aches and aid digestion which is perfect for that time of the month 😊

Conscious Chocolate – Mint Hint £0.80 for 15g bar. 

Chocolate always comes to the rescue and Pink Parcel deliver us some monthly, this month we have a guilt free bar to feast on 💖. This is a raw vegan chocolate bar which is high in fibre, free from refined sugar and ethically sourced! So this makes it a natural sweet treat with nothing to feel bad about, even the wrapper is biodegradable 😊 

Piff Paff pudding pot £2 a jar. 

As it’s Easter, Pink Parcel treated us with more chocolate goodies! This is a indulgent dessert in a handy travel sized jar 😊. Each jar is filled with a chocolate mixture layered over either a cake, brownie or biscuit base. You could also microwave it for 10 seconds to enjoy warm, shame I don’t have a microwave 😒. I love the cute packaging and the little wooden spoon included, the only thing is that there is no calories marked on the jar or any indication whether mine is made up of cake, brownie or biscuit. On the lid it states that its milk chocolate and you can see specs of chocolate chips through the bottom but other than that I’m unsure. 

Patisserie De Bain – Caramel Whip hand cream £3.99 for 50ml

Another yummy treat for Easter, only this time for our skin 😊. This smells amazing and I can’t wait to use it, unfortunately it’s quite pricey so I don’t know if I will repurchase. 

Lavera all round cream £2 for 25ml. 

This is an all round moisturiser perfect for when hormones strike to help soothe sensitive skin and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft 😊. It’s a nice handy travel size pot but I much prefer squeezy tubes as they are easier to use on the go. 

Hikari lipstick in Dune $13 / £10.05

A nice little beauty pick me up in a lovely spring shade, these are meant to be long lasting and enriching so I can’t wait to give this a try 😊.

Hairon Ties £3.99

These telephone cord looking hair bands seem to be what everyone’s wearing at the minute! They promise kink free hair, no damage and a strong grip. I have been using a band for about a week to put my hair up for work and so far I don’t really particularly like them. I don’t know about kink free as I never take my hair down and try to style it down but every time I try to take one of these out I get my hair caught in the swirly loops of them and I end up ripping hairs out! I never get this with a normal hair band so I have gone back to that. The good thing I will say is they don’t cut into your wrist like most hair bands so you can comfortable wear them on your wrist 😊. They look cool and all but I wouldn’t pay £4 for 3 hair bands. 

Dove pure care dry oil conditioner £6.29 for 250ml. 

We got the shampoo to try last month and I didnt get round to trying it yet so I can use them together 😊. This is meant to enhance silkiness and shine without weighing your hair down, I haven’t tried a shampoo with oil so I’m intrigued to give it a go. 

I really like this months box and they always surprise me with a lovely range of products that are either a completely new brand or a new product 😊. I think Pink Parcel are the best value subscription box around, you get around 8 products plus a months supply of tampons or pads for only £10.50 delivered to your door in time for your period and I think it’s amazing 💖


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