Piff Paff Pudding pot

So I got this from my Pink Parcel box and it’s a little jar of creamy chocolate layered with either cake, biscuit or brownie. As I said in my pink parcel post, there’s no indication to which one this is and there’s also no calories on the jar. 

I shared it with my 2 little ones who throughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately for me it just tasted like chocolate spread and I didn’t feel particularly great eating chocolate spread as I’m meant to be trying to loose weight 😩. I don’t see how this is a pudding in a pot and I didn’t find that layer of brownie, cake or biscuit I was promised. The chocolate had crunchy, crumb sized pieces in the bottom but not enough to call it a dessert.

I expected the consistency to be thicker as this would of make it more like a dessert but it was exactly like a spread. This would be nice spread on toast but I would rather buy a chocolate spread than spend £2 for a little jar. 

I had a look on their wedsite and I still can’t find details of calories which is a major flaw for me

Unfortunately I think it missed the mark and I had expectations of brownie/cake/biscuit chunks at the bottom, maybe the others were better? It was still delicious, don’t get me wrong but I expected more of a dessert as this is what it’s sold as. 


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