Pink Parcel May review 

Hey guys sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have been so busy with work and I have started to look into starting my own business so that’s taken priority at the minute! I still want to continue blogging, just need to find a healthy balance. Me and my partner have been looking into starting our own cosmetics business and getting the financial side sorted has been stressful. Once delving in to it all and realising just how much we would have to put into it before even starting up including various cosmetic tests for every single product and all the legal side, we were left overwhelmed and decided to skip the legal part and buy wholesale products instead. This way, we don’t have the worry of anyone getting an allergic reaction and us losing money over it or the stress and costs of getting 3-4 tests on each product we make. We found some really good companies that we are excited to work with, who produce some really nice products! Hopefully if all goes well, we should be starting up next week 😊. 

Anyway I will get straight to it, another Pink Parcel delivery! I love this box even more and more and I can’t stress enough about how amazing the value is! You get all your period supplies to last a month (I find I always have more than enough) plus night pads and panty liners and a box of 7-9 goodies! So this month we have some spring to summer essentials including:

Hot Ginger green tea by Ace Tea £4.99 for 15. 

I’m loving the funky packaging on this! It has a strong and refreshing smell to it and I’m excited to try it. This is perfect for the time of the month to help detox your skin ready for summer. 

Milk of the Gods chocolate bar by Willies Cacao £1 for single 26g bar. 

I’m liking the small size, it’s an easy pick me up but not something your going to binge on and feel guilty about. I like the portion control 😂. So glad I got milk chocolate as the last few boxes I have been getting dark choc, I know it’s better for you but I hate it. Plus this one says it has coffee notes which I’m excited about! 

Ooh-La-La Tea biscuits lemon and ginger by Rhythm 108 £12 for box of 12. 

You get two biscuits in this packet and I will be enjoying them with my ginger green tea. Hopefully they taste as good as they sound 😊. 

Coconut Affair body scrub by Scrub Love £13.95 for 200g. 

I have made my own coffee body scrub before using coconut oil, coffee grounds and brown sugar and it was amazing! Coffee has great benefits for the skin plus it smells so good 😊. The only downfall is that it didn’t last very long so I have to make small batches. I’m excited to try this and see how it compares to a homemade one. The packet is resealable which is handy. The scrub has coconut flakes, coconut oil, coconut sugar and coconut milk powder inside plus coffee and Babaoab oil so it’s packed full of vitamins to buff your skin ready for summer. 

Miss Soleil razor by BIC £2.99 pack of 4 

Not really much I can say about a razor, iv been meaning to get a replacement blade for my Venus one so I can use this in the meantime. It looks pretty with the cut out flower design in the handle and has a vitamin E strip for a smooth shave. A great pick for upcoming summer 😊. 

Blusher brush by Flawless Brushes £9.99. 

I don’t wear blusher but I’m sure I can use this for powder or something. This brand is eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free 😊 

OMG dying nail polish by Trust Fund Beauty £12. 

Im really not one to go for a nude nail polish so I was slightly disappointed but I will give it a try and see how it looks. I wish pink Parcel had like a preference list on your profile so for times like this they would send out something you will like. 

Rosewater facial toner by Mount Purious £2.99. 

This will be great to keep in your bag for hot summer days to give your face a cooling refresh and cleanse. I really like this product 😊 

Overall I love this months box and can’t wait to try these products! Let me know if you have tried any of these products ✨


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